How it all Began

Hey! We are Jay and Anterra, and I had this idea to create a travel blog with my child. We could be a traveling daddy/daughter duo that shares our travels/experiences with our followers. I figured this would be pretty unique, considering that most of the travel bloggers I have seen are solo females. Second to that is traveling couples. I have yet to see a traveling parent/child team. I have seen families that travel with the (little) children and blog about it, but nothing like what I am proposing. So, I guess we’ll just have to be the first! Dang :-)!

My hope is to travel during Anterra’s breaks from school. I envision taking at least two trips during the summer – one shortly after her last day in June, another shortly before she returns to school in September. Then there are some of the other Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, New Years and Spring Break. So, as of right now, an ideal number would be 5, as in least 5 trips annually. We’ll see how that goes.

The funny thing is that I hadn’t told her anything about this at all. This was totally my bright idea. I knew she wanted to visit foreign countries, Paris in particular. Plus, I promised her a cruise a few years ago that we never went on. So, I figured I could more than make up for it with numerous trips around the world. And, as you’ll see in the pages/posts that follow, I think I did okay.

Another idea is a 50-state visit. To this day, I have visited about 39 states (and lived in 4 of those). So, of course, I plan to visit the remaining 11 states. But I am now thinking, along with completing my 50-state bucket list, we can just start hers. So, that is just another component of this endeavor.

Some of the goals (for lack of a better word) of this whole endeavor are:
1.As mentioned above, visit each of the 50 U.S. states (I have 11 left to visit, she has like 47)
2.Visit all seven continents. Although, I am not sure she’ll want to freeze her butt off on Antarctica. In fact, I’m not sure if I want to! We’ll see
3.Travel on as many trains as we can. I have seen some of the world’s high-speed rail systems on television. Now it’s time to ride ‘em.
4.Sail on every major cruise line – river and ocean. I work with 24 of ‘em (as a Travel Agent), so it’ll be fun to get paid to sail the world

So, friends, hopefully we can bring a unique flavor to the travel writer/blogger world. That is definitely our intent, but we will only know that we’ve been successful by your feedback. Please follow along with us as we trek across the world and share what we experience. And let us know how we’re doing. Also, follow us on Social Media – twitter, Instagram and Google+. Thanks!


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